Who is searching for “Selling Online”?

Based on the previous article on Google’s new Search Insights feature, I’ve entered the word “Selling Online” for 2008 and the results were really interesting. It appears that a lot of people in Nigeria are searching for “Selling Online”!

The search terms related to “Selling Online” were “selling books”, “selling cars” and others. Other terms that were considered as “Rising Searches” covered “selling gold online”, “selling textbooks online” and “selling tickets online”.

Now, if we compare what people search for when Buying and what people search for when Selling, we will find that they only match with Cars and Books. Sellers should focus more on selling what people are looking for, which as mentioned in the previous article:

1. Cars
2. Books
3. Games
4. iPhones
5. TVs
6. Seeds!

Do some searches to check why people are looking to buy cars online, is it because they tend to be cheaper or for some other reason? This will help you reach your targeted audience in a much faster and easier way.

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