Who is searching for “Buying Online”?

Google has introduced a very interesting feature called Search Insights. It allows you to check what are the things people are searching for based on a geographical location or time. You can also put a keyword and see where it is searched the most.

I’ve entered the word “Buying Online” for 2008 and the results were interesting. It appears that a lot of people in Ireland, Singapore, South Africa and Australia are searching for “Buying Online”!

The search terms related to “Buying Online” were “buying cars online “, “selling books online”, “selling games online” and others. Other terms that were considered as “Rising Searches” covered “selling iphone online”, “selling tv online” and “selling seeds online”. An increasing number of people are looking for seeds online! This might have to do with the commodity price increase in the previous period.

These results will help you understand what are the items that people focus on when searching to buy online. As a seller, you should try selling cars, books, games, iphones, TVs and seeds! on eMapia!!

I’ll cover what Google Search Insights think about the sellers in the following article.

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