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Title: UAE EMAIL 2010
Brief Description: UAE Email is an essential tool for every industry looking to enhance and develop large sales and business relationships with companies in the flourishing country of UAE
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Added Date: 2010-08-15
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Country: United Arab Emirates
Detailed Description: We provides bulk E-mailing solutions that enable businesses to send bulk email to their target audience in order to achieve various marketing objectives such as announcement of a product release, publishing an email newsletter, targeting new audience to attract them use their products and services, or informing an existing client base about the latest news and developments.
Our software is a powerful email marketing software that can deliver rich HTML or text email messages to the mass with real time reporting on how many people view your message, how many people click through from your message to your web site and how many people opt out of your campaign.

Fax Marketing

Whether you want to send 500 faxes or 1000,000 faxes, we can send your faxes in a very cost effective and timely manner. Using our fax broadcasting service is easy. Other fax broadcasting companies can make it difficult for you to send a fax broadcasting campaign. Just email us your fax number list and your fax document and you will be fax broadcasting within 5 minutes..

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