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Manpower supplier from Nepal - emapia.com
Title: Manpower supplier from Nepal
Brief Description: We are Manpower supply agency based at Kathandu Nepal
Category: 14
Price: NPR 0
Quantity: 100
Added Date: 2008-11-22
Visits: 128
Country: Nepal
Detailed Description: We supply
skilled and non-skilled workers for overseas country. Please let us
know if you have any required position for Nepalese workers.

With best regards,


Phone no: +977 1 6212777
Fax no: +977 1 4358233
Mobile no: +977 9841 202508 +977 9741 101467

Email: adhikari@wlink.com.np, info@adhikarinepal.com
Yahoo: foreign_employment@yahoo.com
Hotmail: foreign_employmen@hotmail.com
Gmail: foreign.employment@gmail.com
Website: www.adhikarinepal.com.

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