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User Name: mattryder81
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Phone: 1-050 1033024
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Original Acrylic paintings - emapia.com
Title: Original Acrylic paintings
Brief Description: Original Acrylic paintings for sale
Category: 16
Price: AED 6000
Quantity: 1
Added Date: 2008-11-19
Visits: 53
Country: United Arab Emirates
Detailed Description: This is a rare opportunity to pick up one of Matt Ryder's original paintings. Items rage from 3ft to 5ft. Available paintings include - Bob Marley in Red
Godfather in Black
John Lennon in Grey and Blue
Clint Eastwood

Please contact me on mattryder81@gmail.com or 050 1033024 to arrange a viewing, or to see photos.

Prices start at 6,000dhs.

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