How Internet selling works – Part 1

Depending on where are you from and how people around you are familiar with ecommerce and buying from the internet, it’s very important to keep some points in mind when trying to sell online in order to increase the possibilities of having a succcessful business. This series will focus on 3 main factors that the internet selling depends on.


People are used to go and buy things from shops around them, and when the internet can it changed a lot of buying habits that people were used to. People in some countries resisted purchasing online for various reasons such as security and lack of credit cards.

In order to grab this huge audience (the ones that fear security and don’t have credit cards) you have to provide special offers to attract them. The price is one of the basic things that attract people. They normally compare prices between shops and the ones available online and decide whether they want to save some cash or not.

You have to offer a very competitive price in order to attract the general public or the targeted audience you are focusing on. As an individual you don’t have any rental costs or salaries or other overheads and should be able to generally sell things cheaper than the normal market prices. Focus on selling huge volumes with a small profit margin for each item rather than sellign few items with large profit margin. This is your main advantage so use it properly!

Tips on how to increase your sales on eMapia!

There are few points that sellers need to focus on to have a better chance of selling their items on


You need to mention as much details as possible. People want to know about what you are offering for sale. If you want to sell a car, write a lot about your experience with it, nature of usage, etc


Provide delivery options. You can either use as a delivery option or mention the way you would deliver the items to the customers. You can say that you will deliver the item personally, or use a delivery company or simply using This will answer a basic question a potential buyer would have.

There are more tips to use when trying to sell items online, we will hopefully mention them on a regular basis.

Online marketplaces need delivery services.

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Any online marketplace requires a delivery service in order to finalize the deals. Many marketplaces leave this part to the sellers and buyers to decide on whether to use normal mail or couriers or just meet together if they are located in the same geographical location.

At eMapia we want to take this to the next level. We have a future plan of linking our sister company, the delivery services marketplace, to eMapia and provide the buyers/sellers the option of delivering the products using Darrbers.

The mechanism is yet to be defined and some time is required to get into the details of the integration. We will keep you informed about this whenever we have an update!

First month statistics!

Emapia logo

Today we completed our first month after launching on the 7th of August 2008. During this period people started adding their items to eMapia and its been a time where we need to mention some numbers:

  • More than 90 registered users to date.
  • A total of 59 items are available online.
  • Items are distributed through 10 countries
  • The UAE alone has 17 sellers, which is considered the biggest number of sellers per country.
  • Cars are considered the most popular items for sale, which makes around 24% of the available items.

Not bad for the first month, hope things grow much faster in the coming period.

Who is searching for “Selling Online”?

Based on the previous article on Google’s new Search Insights feature, I’ve entered the word “Selling Online” for 2008 and the results were really interesting. It appears that a lot of people in Nigeria are searching for “Selling Online”!

The search terms related to “Selling Online” were “selling books”, “selling cars” and others. Other terms that were considered as “Rising Searches” covered “selling gold online”, “selling textbooks online” and “selling tickets online”.

Now, if we compare what people search for when Buying and what people search for when Selling, we will find that they only match with Cars and Books. Sellers should focus more on selling what people are looking for, which as mentioned in the previous article:

1. Cars
2. Books
3. Games
4. iPhones
5. TVs
6. Seeds!

Do some searches to check why people are looking to buy cars online, is it because they tend to be cheaper or for some other reason? This will help you reach your targeted audience in a much faster and easier way.

Who is searching for “Buying Online”?

Google has introduced a very interesting feature called Search Insights. It allows you to check what are the things people are searching for based on a geographical location or time. You can also put a keyword and see where it is searched the most.

I’ve entered the word “Buying Online” for 2008 and the results were interesting. It appears that a lot of people in Ireland, Singapore, South Africa and Australia are searching for “Buying Online”!

The search terms related to “Buying Online” were “buying cars online “, “selling books online”, “selling games online” and others. Other terms that were considered as “Rising Searches” covered “selling iphone online”, “selling tv online” and “selling seeds online”. An increasing number of people are looking for seeds online! This might have to do with the commodity price increase in the previous period.

These results will help you understand what are the items that people focus on when searching to buy online. As a seller, you should try selling cars, books, games, iphones, TVs and seeds! on eMapia!!

I’ll cover what Google Search Insights think about the sellers in the following article.

GadgetsArabia covering eMapia

More and more blogs are talking about eMapia and what it offers to its clients. Recently, GadgetsArabia which was one of the sponsors of Swalif Think Day had covered eMapia and the its benefits.

The replies also included questions on why wasn’t the Arabic language used in the website. The answer is that eMapia is not focusing on a specific geographical location and ignores the rest. We want people from all around the world to be able to use our platform, and not restricted with specific locations.

When time comes in the future, we will definitely have more languages added in the website, especially Arabic!

StartupArabia covering

startuparabia.JPG was revewied by, the technology blog that has a huge potential in becoming the regions most effective site that covers Arab startups.

As mentioned in the website, is a blog dedicated to new Arab technology startups and services, profiling and reviewing them, providing interesting market news and information, and sharing tips and advice for entrepreneurs.

I’d like to thank the guys at for their review. Its great to get more reviews from different blogs, because thats how the word will spread and this makes people aware of what is offering to everyone. It also allows us to see how people think of the idea and what can be done to improve the experience of our users.

eMapia Introduction Presentation – Arabic

The following video was recorded during the official launch of in Swalif Think Day. The presentation covered the main idea of eMapia and the differences between its features and the ones available in  other marketplaces.

eMapia Introduction Presentation – Arabic from emapia on Vimeo.

eMapia reviewed at ArabCrunch

eMapia was recently reviewed by, a blog dedicated to reviewing Arab originated startups, especially in web 2.0.

As they usually do, Arabcrunch provided valuable suggestions for improvement that would hopefully be implemented in the future. Suggestions were around offering suggested items based on the member’s favorites, coupons and “Deal of the Day” based on location, category and item. Buyers rating, friending buyers and sellers to help find items sold by friends and many more suggestions, which we really appreciate!

We would like to thank the guys at Arabcrunch for their valuable insights. They really help knowing what people want to have on

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