Launching eMapia at the “Swalif Think Day”

We have launched yesterday at the “Swalif Think Day” event in the Knowledge Village – Dubai.

We have discussed the main difference between eMapia and other marketplaces, which is the user experience! In eMapia, you can search for products using Google Maps based on the location. You can then search for people selling specific items within a geographical location you choose.

Another difference is that eMapia is not an auction based marketplace. People add items and their prices and wait for others to approach them by email, phone or private messages.

eMapia is a sister company with the same team behind There will be a lot of integration between the two sites in the future to allow people delivering their sold items through

The event was very informative and many key Internet players in the Arab region have attended.

Mr. Husni Khuffash, Manager of Google in the UAE, honored the event by giving some insight about Google’s plans for the Arab world.

Following are some pictures of the event:

Banner of in the entrance

Tariq Al Asiri presenting his part about how to grab big advertisers to your site (Thanks to Serdal for the photos!)
Murshed introducing eMapia

From right to left: Murshed from eMapia & Darrb, Redha from SpinBits, Kareem from TootCorp and Tariq Al Aseeri from


From right to left:Tariq Al Aseeri from, Murshed from &, and Raouf Shabayek.


We will be adding a video of the presentation that talked about soon!

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