How to sell stuff using eMapia

Selling items using eMapia is very easy, go through the following steps to register and add your items:


There is 1 step in the regiseration stage, first click on Register Now (add link) as shown in the picture:

Then fill up the basic information, Username, password, email, city and country.

Then mark your location on the map. If you select a country, you will land on a default point somewhere within the country, which is not necessary your exact location. You have to point towards your exact location (of your shop or house if you wish) by zooming in and going to your place like the below picture:

Tick the “Registration Agreement” checkbox after reading it and then click on Create Account.

With that, you have completed your basic registration!

Account familirization

This step is optional, but it will help in exposing your items to a wider range of potential buyers, and we recommend on going throught it. After completing registration, you will land on the “My Account” page as shown below:

Click on the “Manage Address & Profile” (add link) link available on the left list. You will be able to add more information such as mobile number and currency converter. The currency converter will allow you adding the items in your local currency, people can view them with your local currency or any other currency they wish. The mobile number will be shown to public to ease the process of contacting you when customers want to buy your items, unless you decide to hide it by going to the “Global Setting” page and changing the setting their.

Add your items

In “My Account” (link) page, click on Online Items as shown in the picture below:

Then click on the “Add new item” (link) link available on the top:

Fill up the information required as shown in the following picture:

All you need is a nice title, brief description, price in the currency you have selected (USD is default), quantity you have for sale, select a category and upload a picture with some detailed description of the item. Once you click on Add item, your item will be online!

You can then find the item in the items list on the left & on the map when you zoom at your location

These were the simple steps of adding your items on eMapia. Let us know if you have any questions!

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