Welcome to eMapia!

Welcome to eMapia, your location based marketplace! brought to you by the same team behind Darrb.com.

eMapia.com is designed to make shopping an easy experience. We use Google Maps technology to enable sellers (businesses or individuals) to add their items and link them to locations they desire, which is normally where the shop or house is located.

Registering at eMapia is for FREE & you can add upto 5 items. This will change how people search for stuff when buying online. They can easily search for things in locations near them and decide where to buy from.

eMapia is not an auction based marketplace. You put your items at prices you like and people will email/call you when they want to buy your products, you can either meet them or use Darrb.com for the delivery:)

Let us know what you think about eMapia!

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