Blogs covering eMapia and “Swalif Think Day”

Many Arabic blogs covered the events of “Swalif Think Day” including the participation and launch of eMapia.

One of the great coverages was from Aqalam, a true professional writing about the event with a lot of details, Thanks to the PSD Group!

Other coverages came from Abdulla, a7mdy, the discussion at Swalif’s forums & offcourse the system company Darrb.
Some of the photos that where taken by the PSD Group:

Ahmed Gabr introducing the speakers

صورة أحمد جبر

part of the audience


The PSD Group with Ahmed Gabr

لقطة جماعية مع الأستاذ أحمد جبر

Husni Khuffash, Head of Google UAE with Tariq Al Aseeri from Argaam

صورة لممثل جوجل و الأستاذ طارق العسيري

Kareem from TootCorp

الأستاذ كريم عرفات

Redha speaking about the Next project

صورة الأستاذ رضا البرازي

Murshed officially lauching eMapia

الأستاذ مرشد

Other blogs covering startups also reviewed eMapia, we will add their coverage on a seperate article.

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