How internet selling works – Part 3


This highly depends on the society or the nature of people around you. In western countries, people work for long hours and shops close “relatively” early, which doesn’t allow them (or limits the time) to physically purchase what they want. Online sites solved this problem as they can purchase what they want from any location and get their stuff delivered to them automatically.
In other countries, people go to the malls for many reasons other than simply shopping. They want to hang out with the family, take a break, have a rest from the work and at the same time do some shopping! This type of people won’t purchase online for their basic stuff (unless its unique or cheap) because they go to the malls for other reasons as well! They want to have a break from work stress or take the family for a short hangout, which won’t be availabel by purchasing online.

You should put this in your mind when selling online, focus on unique products with good prices. Hope these points help in increasing your chances to sell online through!

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