How Internet selling works – Part 2


The other factor that makes internet selling easier is to offer unique products that people can’t easily find around them. It is important that the products should add value to the customer in order to encourage him to buy from you.

Example 1: Selling water online. I can’t see how this will work! Water is “normally” available everywhere and people can find it in a matter of steps. Poor people that lack water won’t have a computer to purchase it online any way! Beside the fees of delivering water will make it really expensive to make it a viable business (unless you are targeting a niche market, that’s something else).

Eample2: Selling iPhones online! iPhones are not available in many countries and people are really looking to buy them no matter what the price is. Online marketplaces were a center point for people selling iPhones as many bought their iPhones from different sites. The main reason for that to happen is uniqeness, or lack of avaiability in normal shops. As the iPhone becomes officially available in different countries and in normal shops the acitivity of selling iPhones online will go down. People should think of new items that have the same characteristics!

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