How internet selling works – Part 3


This highly depends on the society or the nature of people around you. In western countries, people work for long hours and shops close “relatively” early, which doesn’t allow them (or limits the time) to physically purchase what they want. Online sites solved this problem as they can purchase what they want from any location and get their stuff delivered to them automatically.
In other countries, people go to the malls for many reasons other than simply shopping. They want to hang out with the family, take a break, have a rest from the work and at the same time do some shopping! This type of people won’t purchase online for their basic stuff (unless its unique or cheap) because they go to the malls for other reasons as well! They want to have a break from work stress or take the family for a short hangout, which won’t be availabel by purchasing online.

You should put this in your mind when selling online, focus on unique products with good prices. Hope these points help in increasing your chances to sell online through!

How Internet selling works – Part 2


The other factor that makes internet selling easier is to offer unique products that people can’t easily find around them. It is important that the products should add value to the customer in order to encourage him to buy from you.

Example 1: Selling water online. I can’t see how this will work! Water is “normally” available everywhere and people can find it in a matter of steps. Poor people that lack water won’t have a computer to purchase it online any way! Beside the fees of delivering water will make it really expensive to make it a viable business (unless you are targeting a niche market, that’s something else).

Eample2: Selling iPhones online! iPhones are not available in many countries and people are really looking to buy them no matter what the price is. Online marketplaces were a center point for people selling iPhones as many bought their iPhones from different sites. The main reason for that to happen is uniqeness, or lack of avaiability in normal shops. As the iPhone becomes officially available in different countries and in normal shops the acitivity of selling iPhones online will go down. People should think of new items that have the same characteristics!

How Internet selling works – Part 1

Depending on where are you from and how people around you are familiar with ecommerce and buying from the internet, it’s very important to keep some points in mind when trying to sell online in order to increase the possibilities of having a succcessful business. This series will focus on 3 main factors that the internet selling depends on.


People are used to go and buy things from shops around them, and when the internet can it changed a lot of buying habits that people were used to. People in some countries resisted purchasing online for various reasons such as security and lack of credit cards.

In order to grab this huge audience (the ones that fear security and don’t have credit cards) you have to provide special offers to attract them. The price is one of the basic things that attract people. They normally compare prices between shops and the ones available online and decide whether they want to save some cash or not.

You have to offer a very competitive price in order to attract the general public or the targeted audience you are focusing on. As an individual you don’t have any rental costs or salaries or other overheads and should be able to generally sell things cheaper than the normal market prices. Focus on selling huge volumes with a small profit margin for each item rather than sellign few items with large profit margin. This is your main advantage so use it properly!

Tips on how to increase your sales on eMapia!

There are few points that sellers need to focus on to have a better chance of selling their items on


You need to mention as much details as possible. People want to know about what you are offering for sale. If you want to sell a car, write a lot about your experience with it, nature of usage, etc


Provide delivery options. You can either use as a delivery option or mention the way you would deliver the items to the customers. You can say that you will deliver the item personally, or use a delivery company or simply using This will answer a basic question a potential buyer would have.

There are more tips to use when trying to sell items online, we will hopefully mention them on a regular basis.

How to sell stuff using eMapia

Selling items using eMapia is very easy, go through the following steps to register and add your items:


There is 1 step in the regiseration stage, first click on Register Now (add link) as shown in the picture:

Then fill up the basic information, Username, password, email, city and country.

Then mark your location on the map. If you select a country, you will land on a default point somewhere within the country, which is not necessary your exact location. You have to point towards your exact location (of your shop or house if you wish) by zooming in and going to your place like the below picture:

Tick the “Registration Agreement” checkbox after reading it and then click on Create Account.

With that, you have completed your basic registration!

Account familirization

This step is optional, but it will help in exposing your items to a wider range of potential buyers, and we recommend on going throught it. After completing registration, you will land on the “My Account” page as shown below:

Click on the “Manage Address & Profile” (add link) link available on the left list. You will be able to add more information such as mobile number and currency converter. The currency converter will allow you adding the items in your local currency, people can view them with your local currency or any other currency they wish. The mobile number will be shown to public to ease the process of contacting you when customers want to buy your items, unless you decide to hide it by going to the “Global Setting” page and changing the setting their.

Add your items

In “My Account” (link) page, click on Online Items as shown in the picture below:

Then click on the “Add new item” (link) link available on the top:

Fill up the information required as shown in the following picture:

All you need is a nice title, brief description, price in the currency you have selected (USD is default), quantity you have for sale, select a category and upload a picture with some detailed description of the item. Once you click on Add item, your item will be online!

You can then find the item in the items list on the left & on the map when you zoom at your location

These were the simple steps of adding your items on eMapia. Let us know if you have any questions!

كيفية عرض منتجاتك في الموقع

This is an Arabic version describes “how to add items in“.

املأ البيانات المطلوبة من اسم المستخدم, الكلمة السرية, البريد الالكتروني, المدينة و الدولة.

حدد مكانك على الخريطة. اختر الدولة من القائمة و سنتقل تحديد المكان الى منطقة افتراضية داخل الدولة. قم باختيار مكانك (مكان المحل او المنزل اذا رغبت) بالضبط على الخريطة بعمل تقريب للموقع قدر الامكان كما هو مبين في الصورة التالية:

قم بوضع علامة صح عند Registration Agreement او اتفاقية التسجيل بعد قرائتها و اضغط علىCreate Account لتنتهي من عملية التسجيل.

التعرف على حسابك

هذه الخطوة ليست ضرورية, و لكننا ننصح بها حيث انها ستمكنك من تسهيل عملية بيع منتجك على الزبائن المحتملين.

بعد الانتهاء من عملية التسجيل, ستشاهد صفحة My Account كما هو واضح في الصورة التالية:

قم بالضغط على Manage Address & Profile في القائمة الموجودة على يسار الصفحة.

ستتمكن من اضافة بعض المعلومات الخاصة مثل رقم الجوال و نوع العملة. ستتمكن من خلال هذه الخاصة بتسعير منتج بعملتك المحلية بدلاً من الدولار الامريكي, و سيستطيع زوار الموقع من مشاهدة المنتج بسعرها بالعملة المحلية بالاضافة الى اي عملة يختارونها هم. سيتمكن الزوار من مشاهدة رقم الجوال للاتصال المباشر بك اذا رغبوا بالشراء, و يمكنك اخفاء الرقم اذا رغبت بالذهاب الى صفحة Global Setting و تعديل الاعدادات هناك



أضف منتجاتك

في صفحة My Account قم بالضغط على Online Items كما هو واضح في الصورة التالية:

قم بالضبط بعدها على “Add new item” في اعلى الصفحة:

املأ الفراغات بالمعلومات المطلوبة:


كل ما تحتاج لاضافته هو عنوان جذّاب, وصف مختصر عن المنتج, السعر بالعملة التي اخترتها او بالدولار الامريكي, كمية المنتج المعروض للبيع, اختيار القسم الذي يتبعه المنتج, رفع صورة للمنتج بالاضافة الى بعص من الوصف التفصيلي للمنتج.


اضغط بعدها على Add Item ليكون منتجك معروض للعالم كله!


لمشاهدة منتجك, يمكنك تقريب صورة الخريطة الى موقعك الذي حددته اثناء التسجيل او من خلال قائمة المنتجات التي تعرض كل المنتجات الموجودة في النطاق الجغرافي المعروض على الخريطة.


كانت هذه هي الخطوات السهلة و السريعة لاضافة منتج في موقع eMapia. اذا كانت لديك اسئلة معينة, فلا تترد في طرحها!

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