A job in tough times

In the USA alone, more than 600,000 employees lost their jobs during January and February 2009. This number is scary, if we assume that on average they get $2000 a month, then the income lost is up to 1.2 Billion every month!

As this is an international issue, people cannot find jobs easily by going oversees or by trying different cities. every country has its own problems in this matter and layoffs are happening nearly everyday everywhere!

It looks like one logical solutions is to depend on your self, try offering your services or selling something that can be off use to people in order to receive some cash that can help in managing basic life requirements.

eMapia.com offers a window of opportunity to offer your products for sale. You can, easily & with no cost, offer your products or services directly to potential customers around you.

increased activity within the UAE

Users within UAE have shown increased activity in recent days by adding more and more items. Items within UAE add up to more than 75% of available stuff for sale covering different categories.

Dubai has clearly the most items with over 55% of total items for sale reside in the city.

Exceeding the 100 items mark!

The number of available items for sale on eMapia exceeded 100 with 75% of them residing in the United Arab Emirates.

Recent added items varied from cars (29% of all items), furniture & mobiles, which shows how the market is driven towards selling second hand stuff at this stage more than brand new items.

Online marketplaces need delivery services.

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Any online marketplace requires a delivery service in order to finalize the deals. Many marketplaces leave this part to the sellers and buyers to decide on whether to use normal mail or couriers or just meet together if they are located in the same geographical location.

At eMapia we want to take this to the next level. We have a future plan of linking our sister company Darrb.com, the delivery services marketplace, to eMapia and provide the buyers/sellers the option of delivering the products using Darrbers.

The mechanism is yet to be defined and some time is required to get into the details of the integration. We will keep you informed about this whenever we have an update!

First month statistics!

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Today we completed our first month after launching on the 7th of August 2008. During this period people started adding their items to eMapia and its been a time where we need to mention some numbers:

  • More than 90 registered users to date.
  • A total of 59 items are available online.
  • Items are distributed through 10 countries
  • The UAE alone has 17 sellers, which is considered the biggest number of sellers per country.
  • Cars are considered the most popular items for sale, which makes around 24% of the available items.

Not bad for the first month, hope things grow much faster in the coming period.

Who is searching for “Selling Online”?

Based on the previous article on Google’s new Search Insights feature, I’ve entered the word “Selling Online” for 2008 and the results were really interesting. It appears that a lot of people in Nigeria are searching for “Selling Online”!

The search terms related to “Selling Online” were “selling books”, “selling cars” and others. Other terms that were considered as “Rising Searches” covered “selling gold online”, “selling textbooks online” and “selling tickets online”.

Now, if we compare what people search for when Buying and what people search for when Selling, we will find that they only match with Cars and Books. Sellers should focus more on selling what people are looking for, which as mentioned in the previous article:

1. Cars
2. Books
3. Games
4. iPhones
5. TVs
6. Seeds!

Do some searches to check why people are looking to buy cars online, is it because they tend to be cheaper or for some other reason? This will help you reach your targeted audience in a much faster and easier way.

Who is searching for “Buying Online”?

Google has introduced a very interesting feature called Search Insights. It allows you to check what are the things people are searching for based on a geographical location or time. You can also put a keyword and see where it is searched the most.

I’ve entered the word “Buying Online” for 2008 and the results were interesting. It appears that a lot of people in Ireland, Singapore, South Africa and Australia are searching for “Buying Online”!

The search terms related to “Buying Online” were “buying cars online “, “selling books online”, “selling games online” and others. Other terms that were considered as “Rising Searches” covered “selling iphone online”, “selling tv online” and “selling seeds online”. An increasing number of people are looking for seeds online! This might have to do with the commodity price increase in the previous period.

These results will help you understand what are the items that people focus on when searching to buy online. As a seller, you should try selling cars, books, games, iphones, TVs and seeds! on eMapia!!

I’ll cover what Google Search Insights think about the sellers in the following article.

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