Darrbers appearing on eMapia

We have mentioned earlier that we will be adding Darrbers on eMapia.com to help people ask for delivery for items they buy from eMapia.

Well, the process has just started, but we have to tweak it a bit till we reach the final version of this change. at the moment, some of the Darrbers appear on eMapia, but most of them are called Darrbers without mentioning their name or real location. we will be working in the following period in fixing this issue and placing Darrbers on their main areas.

eMapia on DemoCamp Dubai 4

On the 28th of January and as part of DemoCamp 4 in Dubai, we have presented eMapia to a well packed conference hall at the Radisson SAS hotel in Dubai Media City. Along with eMapia, other websites and applications were presented as well like, restate, StartupArabia Database & w2task.

The event was very interesting and many specialized people in the Internet industry have discussed the presented websites with enthusiasm.

Leaving you with some photos of the event (thanks to Shufflegazine):

Exceeding 500 items…

Emapia logo

Having a look at the items available for sale on eMapia, we’ll see that it has passed the 500 stage recently with an increasing growth in listing within the UAE (492 items, 88% compared to 75% when the total number of items was 100).

Cars are still on the lead with 154 items consisting of 27.5% of total items, followed by Properties with 91 items holding 16% of total items. Furniture comes next with 58 items (10%) then Mobiles with 43 (7.7%).

Zooming Facilities and default zooming level

Since UAE (Dubai in specific) has the majority of the items listed on eMapia, we decided to set the default zooming level of the Full Screen version to Dubai.

There was another slight change as well, the Zoom in/out facilities were changed from being covered on the left side by the items thumbnails to the right side where it gives easy access for our visitors.

eMapia’s Full Screen feature!

We have added a new feature on eMapia that allows visitors to view the site in Full Screen mode.

This feature gives the visitor the ability to zoom by scrolling in and out. It also provides a summary display of every item available by only pointing the cursor on the selected item.

Using the Full Screen mode, visitors can click on Show Items link available in the header to be able to see all items within the current zoom level through their thumbnails, which allows visitors to filter the items in a very convenient way.

Let us know what you think about the new features!

GadgetsArabia covering eMapia

More and more blogs are talking about eMapia and what it offers to its clients. Recently, GadgetsArabia which was one of the sponsors of Swalif Think Day had covered eMapia and the its benefits.

The replies also included questions on why wasn’t the Arabic language used in the website. The answer is that eMapia is not focusing on a specific geographical location and ignores the rest. We want people from all around the world to be able to use our platform, and not restricted with specific locations.

When time comes in the future, we will definitely have more languages added in the website, especially Arabic!

StartupArabia covering eMapia.com


eMapia.com was revewied by StartupArabia.com, the technology blog that has a huge potential in becoming the regions most effective site that covers Arab startups.

As mentioned in the website, Startuparabia.com is a blog dedicated to new Arab technology startups and services, profiling and reviewing them, providing interesting market news and information, and sharing tips and advice for entrepreneurs.

I’d like to thank the guys at Startuparabia.com for their review. Its great to get more reviews from different blogs, because thats how the word will spread and this makes people aware of what eMapia.com is offering to everyone. It also allows us to see how people think of the idea and what can be done to improve the experience of our users.

eMapia Introduction Presentation – Arabic

The following video was recorded during the official launch of eMapia.com in Swalif Think Day. The presentation covered the main idea of eMapia and the differences between its features and the ones available in  other marketplaces.

eMapia Introduction Presentation – Arabic from emapia on Vimeo.

eMapia reviewed at ArabCrunch

eMapia was recently reviewed by Arabcrunch.com, a blog dedicated to reviewing Arab originated startups, especially in web 2.0.

As they usually do, Arabcrunch provided valuable suggestions for improvement that would hopefully be implemented in the future. Suggestions were around offering suggested items based on the member’s favorites, coupons and “Deal of the Day” based on location, category and item. Buyers rating, friending buyers and sellers to help find items sold by friends and many more suggestions, which we really appreciate!

We would like to thank the guys at Arabcrunch for their valuable insights. They really help knowing what people want to have on eMapia.com.

Blogs covering eMapia and “Swalif Think Day”

Many Arabic blogs covered the events of “Swalif Think Day” including the participation and launch of eMapia.

One of the great coverages was from Aqalam, a true professional writing about the event with a lot of details, Thanks to the PSD Group!

Other coverages came from Abdulla, a7mdy, the discussion at Swalif’s forums & offcourse the system company Darrb.
Some of the photos that where taken by the PSD Group:

Ahmed Gabr introducing the speakers

صورة أحمد جبر

part of the audience


The PSD Group with Ahmed Gabr

لقطة جماعية مع الأستاذ أحمد جبر

Husni Khuffash, Head of Google UAE with Tariq Al Aseeri from Argaam

صورة لممثل جوجل و الأستاذ طارق العسيري

Kareem from TootCorp

الأستاذ كريم عرفات

Redha speaking about the Next project

صورة الأستاذ رضا البرازي

Murshed officially lauching eMapia

الأستاذ مرشد

Other blogs covering startups also reviewed eMapia, we will add their coverage on a seperate article.

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