Darrbers appearing on eMapia

We have mentioned earlier that we will be adding Darrbers on eMapia.com to help people ask for delivery for items they buy from eMapia.

Well, the process has just started, but we have to tweak it a bit till we reach the final version of this change. at the moment, some of the Darrbers appear on eMapia, but most of them are called Darrbers without mentioning their name or real location. we will be working in the following period in fixing this issue and placing Darrbers on their main areas.

A job in tough times

In the USA alone, more than 600,000 employees lost their jobs during January and February 2009. This number is scary, if we assume that on average they get $2000 a month, then the income lost is up to 1.2 Billion every month!

As this is an international issue, people cannot find jobs easily by going oversees or by trying different cities. every country has its own problems in this matter and layoffs are happening nearly everyday everywhere!

It looks like one logical solutions is to depend on your self, try offering your services or selling something that can be off use to people in order to receive some cash that can help in managing basic life requirements.

eMapia.com offers a window of opportunity to offer your products for sale. You can, easily & with no cost, offer your products or services directly to potential customers around you.

eMapia on DemoCamp Dubai 4

On the 28th of January and as part of DemoCamp 4 in Dubai, we have presented eMapia to a well packed conference hall at the Radisson SAS hotel in Dubai Media City. Along with eMapia, other websites and applications were presented as well like, restate, StartupArabia Database & w2task.

The event was very interesting and many specialized people in the Internet industry have discussed the presented websites with enthusiasm.

Leaving you with some photos of the event (thanks to Shufflegazine):

Exceeding 500 items…

Emapia logo

Having a look at the items available for sale on eMapia, we’ll see that it has passed the 500 stage recently with an increasing growth in listing within the UAE (492 items, 88% compared to 75% when the total number of items was 100).

Cars are still on the lead with 154 items consisting of 27.5% of total items, followed by Properties with 91 items holding 16% of total items. Furniture comes next with 58 items (10%) then Mobiles with 43 (7.7%).

Zooming Facilities and default zooming level

Since UAE (Dubai in specific) has the majority of the items listed on eMapia, we decided to set the default zooming level of the Full Screen version to Dubai.

There was another slight change as well, the Zoom in/out facilities were changed from being covered on the left side by the items thumbnails to the right side where it gives easy access for our visitors.

increased activity within the UAE

Users within UAE have shown increased activity in recent days by adding more and more items. Items within UAE add up to more than 75% of available stuff for sale covering different categories.

Dubai has clearly the most items with over 55% of total items for sale reside in the city.

Exceeding the 100 items mark!

The number of available items for sale on eMapia exceeded 100 with 75% of them residing in the United Arab Emirates.

Recent added items varied from cars (29% of all items), furniture & mobiles, which shows how the market is driven towards selling second hand stuff at this stage more than brand new items.

eMapia’s Full Screen feature!

We have added a new feature on eMapia that allows visitors to view the site in Full Screen mode.

This feature gives the visitor the ability to zoom by scrolling in and out. It also provides a summary display of every item available by only pointing the cursor on the selected item.

Using the Full Screen mode, visitors can click on Show Items link available in the header to be able to see all items within the current zoom level through their thumbnails, which allows visitors to filter the items in a very convenient way.

Let us know what you think about the new features!

How internet selling works – Part 3


This highly depends on the society or the nature of people around you. In western countries, people work for long hours and shops close “relatively” early, which doesn’t allow them (or limits the time) to physically purchase what they want. Online sites solved this problem as they can purchase what they want from any location and get their stuff delivered to them automatically.
In other countries, people go to the malls for many reasons other than simply shopping. They want to hang out with the family, take a break, have a rest from the work and at the same time do some shopping! This type of people won’t purchase online for their basic stuff (unless its unique or cheap) because they go to the malls for other reasons as well! They want to have a break from work stress or take the family for a short hangout, which won’t be availabel by purchasing online.

You should put this in your mind when selling online, focus on unique products with good prices. Hope these points help in increasing your chances to sell online through eMapia.com!

How Internet selling works – Part 2


The other factor that makes internet selling easier is to offer unique products that people can’t easily find around them. It is important that the products should add value to the customer in order to encourage him to buy from you.

Example 1: Selling water online. I can’t see how this will work! Water is “normally” available everywhere and people can find it in a matter of steps. Poor people that lack water won’t have a computer to purchase it online any way! Beside the fees of delivering water will make it really expensive to make it a viable business (unless you are targeting a niche market, that’s something else).

Eample2: Selling iPhones online! iPhones are not available in many countries and people are really looking to buy them no matter what the price is. Online marketplaces were a center point for people selling iPhones as many bought their iPhones from different sites. The main reason for that to happen is uniqeness, or lack of avaiability in normal shops. As the iPhone becomes officially available in different countries and in normal shops the acitivity of selling iPhones online will go down. People should think of new items that have the same characteristics!

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